The IndieWeb and me

Written by Lionir

This post will be about how I handle IndieWeb technologies and why.

Hm, where do I start? Oh, well, let's do it by the order I implemented them. (Feel free to spy on the git commits)


I started with this because it seemed pretty easy and something I'd use in my about page (which exists now, no longer 404-land although some of the SVGs are dark on dark theme which I have to fix... later).

So, why? I think allowing people to see what my identities online are makes it less likely that I'm going to impersonated and well, it allows me to just link to the website and have it verified although that's just on some of them unfortunately. It also allows people to easily scrap data to re-use it instead of hard-coding it which I think is pretty cool. And well, I just like metadata and semantics in general to be quite frank.

Oh yeah, it allows me to do IndieAuth too which is cool.


I made these a little after and it might be useful for scraping but I don't have any benefits for it really atleast yet. Although, it does make webmentions work better, I think so that's cool. As you can see, I don't really have a reason for it but I still did because I sorta felt obligated to. I didn't mind at the time since it was easy anyways.


I first thought of making them show automagically on my page for commentary and such. And so, I wanted to backfeed comments. I tried for quite a bit but I struggled implementing it and it just didn't act how I wanted.

I thought a bit more about it and decided I'd do it manually instead. Why? I think most commentary tends to not be detailed enough which borders on noise since it's mostly just there for the sake of it. It would also mean I have to be proactive with moderation and I don't want to do that either.

So instead, I'm doing it manually if I think it's good, there's a burden on me because of that of course but I also think that it will make the things I link much more interresting and something that people would want to read instead of suffering from curiosity.


I've not finished that yet but I just see it as an improvement on efficiency and speed, it doesn't bother me.

Yep, that's all.