Moving to Ghost

Written by Lionir

Oh no, another meta post is here. Why the hell am I moving to Ghost?

Honestly, I was kinda just bored and I decided I wanted to try. I do hope that it will make me write more because now I can do it on my phone or wherever I end up as opposed to being stuck to my home computer. I can also change between seasons more easily thanks to custom theme settings.

It is more expensive though (~3$/month vs 1$/month). It's currently hosted on Pikapods.

Now, what's with the new look? Honestly, I kinda just based it on the Starter and then tried to make it my own. It'll probably change as time goes on. It still feels a bit bland and lacking spice. Probably the thing that gives the theme spice right now is exclusively Shantell Sans. It's a nice font, it feels comfy.

There's also quirky things I wanna work on like better microformats2 support, maybe Netsurf support if I feel like torturing myself again. I would also like to remake the theme using TailwindCSS.

That said, I'm happy the pages are still under 500kb. If there's any broken links, do tell me please.