I'm trying out Plausible Analytics

Written by Lionir

I'm trying out Plausible. Why? Well, let's get into that. Also, this is a bit more than just a meta post so please stick by!

Okay... so, basically. I don't want to pay. However, my hands are kind of tied. Cloudflare Web Analytics does exist and I do still use it for now but I'll probably remove it after the trial for Plausible expires if everything goes well.

As this post made my realise, well, it doesn't work. Rather, it doesn't work properly. An overwhelming amount of pageviews at the root make it kind of not great. I'm not sure what people are looking at exactly.

With the release of Cloudflare Pages, I can also more clearly see the goal that Cloudflare is trying to achieve. They want performance analytics of real-world websites so they're offering these free tools to allow people to give them that data.

So, why Plausible analytics then? Simply put, the design is clear, it looks to be more accurate and the price is good enough that I will swallow it. Also, as with everything that I pay, it's free software.

One neat thing is you can make your analytics public with Plausible which is definitely something I want to do but... not now, I feel like there's not enough traffic on this website to make this data less sensitive. I'll tell you when I make it public.

Now, this might sound strange but I think the fact that I'll pay for it will lead me to make more posts. I don't want to waste money, right?

In good news, the semester is over so expect more posts unless I let games eat my life!