Tags, posts types and design

Written by Lionir

I wanna explain how I've tried to make old things easier to find and how I want to make them easier to find in the future. I currently have tags and feeds by tag. I am adding post types and wanna add search. I also want to make the main feed only about the fully thought out posts.


I've added posts to all past and future posts, you should be able to see what I talk about most from there. Oops, too much meta. I feel that it's not very good to find specific things and as the topics become more diverse will become more useless. I think it's mostly good to subscribe to various feeds specific to certain topics so I'll try to group them more in a way that'd be useful for that.

I want to have search for people to find quotes they remember, finding certain things I've written about but which they can't seem to find through tags. I also think it's very useful to have because as much as I've tried to fight SEO, it's a pain in the ass and search engines refuse to index it all.

Post types

I've introduce three post types : micro, ramblings and posts. The purpose is to seperate certain types of posts. Micro aims to be when I make long comments in places or I just want to make an update message of some sort that's not very important. Ramblings are the stream of consciousness posts that I've been doing more often these days and posts is the fully thought out and deserving articles.

All of them should have aliases as to keep old links working. Please alert me ASAP if this post is up and something is broken.


Each post type has its own feed. What happens with the main feed? Well, I've decided to avoid spamming people who are already subscribed that it would only include the posts type articles.


This is yet another meta post but hopefully the last as I should make smaller micro posts.