Feeds are essentially files that website owners can create and that Feed readers can read.

This creates a way for people to just follow the website directly with no middleman. You can get a feed of all websites that you follow in one place. You can think of it in a similar way to how you’d follow someone on a social media platform but instead, you get all of their recent posts in chronological order rather than whatever the social media platform decides to show you.

This also makes it easier for me because I don’t need to share my blog posts on various platforms, people can just read what I write directly in their feed reader of choice.

How to use them?

You’ll need a Feed reader!

I personally use Newsflash and Miniflux. I’ve used Feedbin in the past and it is quite nice but it’s sadly too expensive for me.

For local readers, I’d also recommend Fluent reader and NetNewsWire. For online readers, I think Newsblur might be interesting.

There are plenty feed readers so feel to look around for one that you like.

Okay I have one, now what?

Some readers might discover the feed if you point it at https://lionir.ca

In the case that your read doesn’t discover, you can point directly to either Atom or JSON feed (different formats of the same thing) :

  • https://lionir.ca/atom.xml
  • https://lionir.ca/feed.json

The Atom Feed is likely the most compatible version of those versions.