Updates avalanche

Written by Lionir

Oh boy, it's been a long time. I remade the site from scratch, how will things be going forward? I'm not good at introductions so let's just go, please.

How is the website made now?

I caved in! I am now using Zola and no longer on Neocities as a result because of fancy shenanigans that don't work there, I think. I might try again at a later date. So, until further disappearance, I'm here on Codeberg.

Where's all the pictures?

They're gone, they were never really used meaningfully. They were just me trying to make things look cool and well, there was no clear theme or style and it started to bother me.

Where's the mistakes section?

It never went anywhere with mind being scared, honestly. I think it's better if I fill it in with more current mistakes than charging it with the past, it's easier for me and probably makes more sense for you. Sorry.

Where's the recommendations?

They are no longer there, I might try to re-implement them but I think I'd rather try to integrate it better in the text. We'll see how that goes.

Can I still follow the Atom feed?

Yes! Although, it's no longer at the same place so sorry about that.

Why is the website MIT now?

Well, I didn't really wanna build everything from scratch so I took Zola-Paper and modified it and will continue to do so but it means I'm under that license now which I suppose isn't so bad for this small website.

Waaaa, where are all the semantics?

They're coming back, I still need to tame the beast more and I'll be implementing them more and more.

What am I going to do with this site going forward?

I'll be trying to post more often, avoiding meta posts... like this one, for instance.

Also, check the last post, I think it was interresting.