Time for some change!

Written by Lionir

So I've not updated this blog in a while but in the last few days I've updated it a bunch! So here's some of the key changes from this.

Biggest change probably : No more comments!

So you might've thought it was about toxicity in comments or something about the ethics of it... It wasn't used much either or well, I should say, I never saw it being used.

But well, it's a lot simpler than that, the service seems to be no more. I contacted the admin and there was no response, it's possible that the email service is also dead but well, it's gone for now atleast.


So I did quite a bit of changes relating to work licenses, I already had the code under AGPLv3 as per my blog post but well, I have more changes.
Proper license notice for artwork

Now all of the artwork I use has the license terms and a link to the source for attribution! The GitHub also has LICENSES files to make this easier for those who are seeing from there. I'm pretty happy with how that looks too.

Licensing my text as CC BY-SA 4.0

Now all of the text is under CC BY-SA 4.0 which is noted at the end of each article so this change is pretty self-explanatory..

New styling

I've done some few changes with the design, the posts page is more minimalist and more similar to the mobile view, I like it.

As you may have seen too, there's a dark theme too! It works using "prefers-color-scheme: dark" which Safari, Chromium and Firefox respect based on your operating system settings or an internal setting

There's also new navigation changes which can be seen at the top for easier than before way to switch views.

Metadata changes

Now when websites need to embed the website, we give them the usual web author and description, we give OpenGraph metadata and Twitter metadata which should let them to have good embeds and previews for the content!

Switch to Webp

I put all the pictures from .pngs and .jpgs to .webps which reduced the size from there over five times (432kb from 2.9mb)!