Crawling back to GitHub...

Written by Lionir

I'm really sad. My code contributions have been quite low and I haven't worked as much as I wish I did, my code's been relatively untouched in the last months even though I need to modify it. But I'm also sad that my switch to Gitlab has not been as smooth as I wish it had been.

First of all, the most frustrating part is how Gitlab handles watching and the lack of notifications unlike GitHub. This makes me watch my repositories manually most of the time which is quite frustrating. I really hope they work on this.

I would switch to something which does have notifications like for example Gitbucket but I have no hosting place to do this so it's an impossibility at the moment. Maybe somebody else can offer it to me until I can use a VPS of my own.

I really hate to do this but notifications is something I really need out of my git platform. sighs