Comments on my blog!

Written by Lionir

Okay so I've been thinking about the best way for people reading my blog to contact me and I think I've found a solution which is pretty good.. comments! Okay, here's why that's a good way.

1. Control

With the comment system in place, I don't have a contact page but that's good, you'll just comment and put your email address and other ways I can contact you there and then I can contact you when I want, this means that I won't risk getting spammed as much.

2. Privacy

The messages will not be public until I approve them so if you give me your contact information inside the comment, I'll simply delete it and it'll never be seen by other people.

3. Just.. comments!

If you post a comment regarding the article / blog post, I'll approve it and people will be able to see it and reply to you. I think it'll be really cool to see what you all think of this and it won't feel like I'm talking to myself anymore, haha.

Oh! I almost forgot, the javascript and third-party service provider will not be loaded until you click the "Show comments" button so you can still read it without a third-party snooping on you.