Decimal time is possibly my most irrational passion

Written by Lionir

Today I'm making a fun post because yes. It's gonna be about decimal time.

What the fuck is the decimal time?

During the times known as "The French Revolution", quite a few of the revolutionaries wanted to get rid of anything related to religion to weird extremes. One of these creations was decimal time.

Here's the current time in decimal time:

Decimal time is formed of:

  • Every day is formed of 10 decimal hours;
  • Every decimal hour is formed of 100 decimal minutes;
  • Every decimal minute is formed of 100 decimal seconds.

But why?

Because the 24 hour system is arbitrary. The seconds is base 60, minutes as well and hours are base 24. Why not good old simple base 10? It's the ame logical thought process as the metric system.

Okay but that's impractical today, everyone uses 24 hours!

I know but I like it and since you're here, you must respect my mad love for it.

Okay, well, part of it is also because I get confused with 24 hours. Some people use a set of two 12 hours systems and some use the regular 24 hours. I always get them fucked in my mind. Like last week, someone told me to meet them at 16:00 which obviously means 4PM but I got confused and thought they wanted to meet me at 6PM.

And like, fractions of hours are fucked: 0.25hours is uhhh, 15minutes! Much simpler if it's just 25 minutes like in decimal time.

All this to say, I really fucking want a decimal time watch. I'll probably buy one this summer.