PSA: About email rating limiting on Discord

Written by Lionir

This post is just a PSA for those who are looking in the dark and a lesson about keeping multiple ways to contact people.

This is very unlikely to happen really but I got myself rate limited from... changing my email. I didn't think it was a thing at all but turns out it is and well, that sucks, really.

So, how does it happen? Well, you just change your email 3 times in a row and bam, you're rate limited. Now, if you fuck up and you can't verify on the one you're stuck with, you risk not being able to message anyone or any room for around 2-4hours (it happened to me but I'm not certain that this always happens when being rate limited due to email), I didn't keep track of how long it was and maybe it depends on where you want to send a message. Calls and status messages work during this time.

Now you're wondering how long until you can change again, right? Well, it takes 12hours and then you're not ratelimited anymore. So, hopefully, you didn't have anything important planned and you're not a moderator or anything like that.

What did I learn out of this experience? Always have another way to contact people you care about. You never know what could happen to be at the whims of a giant corporation which might have a similar policy (I assume Discord isn't alone on this).

I hope everything goes well for anyone to whom this happens to.

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